Woody Moose Loves The Woods Handmade Woodland Christmas Moose

Woody Moose Loves The Woods Handmade Woodland Christmas Moose

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"Woody Moose Loves The Woods!"– 15” Handmade Woodland Country Christmas Moose Doll Woodcraft 

"Woody Moose Loves The Woods!" is a woodsman to the core. He's decided that he loves the woods so much that he's going to build his own cabin in the woods. Out of log cabins, of course! The problem is he needs help cutting down the trees and hauling the wood. Can you help him? 

"Woody Moose Loves The Woods!" is a 15" free standing wood and cloth moose with painted and blushed wood face, wood ears, wood antlers, wood muzzle, and black wood shoes. His socks are scrunched around his ankles and tied with jute to keep the cold and snow out. He is wearing a flannel shirt that is gathered at the neck, and has cuffed sleeves. His fringed bottom pants are gathered at the waist. He is wearing his favorite pocketed and embroidered felt vest. He has holly berries tied to the jute around his ankles and greenery and holly berries wrapped around his antlers. He is also carrying a grapevine wreath decorated with a bow. 

"Woody Moose Loves The Woods!" definitely needs help building his log cabin. He knows that he can count on all his animal friends. However, try as they might - most are too small to carry logs. Can you help him? 

Designer - Sawdust and Stitches 

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