Sweet Terra Baby Hearts Handmade Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll

Sweet Terra Baby Hearts Handmade Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll

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Sweet Terra Baby - Hearts - Handmade Centerpiece Doll - Baby Shower Series

"Sweet Terra Baby - Hearts" is the sweetest baby shower centerpiece doll you'd ever want to meet. She's so precious you just want to take her home with you.

"Sweet Terra Baby - Hearts" is an 8" centerpiece doll. Her body is a terra-cotta pot turned upside down with painted wood knobs attached for her head. She has lush alpaca roving for hair and pink blushed cheeks.

Her dress is adorned with lace trim around the bottom edge and around the neck. She has a gathered and lace trimmed bonnet that is adorned with ribbon bows. She also has a tulle underlip.

"Sweet Terra Baby - Hearts" makes an adorable centerpiece for any baby shower, adorable decoration for any mother-to-be or grandmother-to-be, and a great baby shower games prize.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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