Stealin Base Devin Sneaks Country Boy Doll E-Pattern

Stealin Base Devin Sneaks Country Boy Doll E-Pattern

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“Stealin Base Devin Sneaks”, 8” Country Boy Doll E-Pattern - The Sneaker Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around. Four young boys would be bad enough, but four young boys consisting of two sets of fraternal twins with one set aged 7 and the other set aged 8 - well, that's just plain crazy. While the "Sneaks Family" of two sets of fraternal twins are not physically identical they do bear enough of a similar physical appearance that it is hard at times to tell them apart. The only thing that gives them away is their hair color.

"Slammin Ryan Sneaks" and "Stealin Base Devin Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 7. "Nicholas Fast Ball Sneaks" and "Home Run Brian Sneaks" are the fraternal twins age 8. If you can tell any of them apart we congratulate you. So, while they are a little bit different physically that's where the difference ends. They are identical in likes, dislikes, energy levels, attitudes, intelligence, and strength. They are all highly intelligent boys who just love to rough house and play their favorite sport - baseball. 

"Stealin Base Devin Sneaks"is a master at stealin base. You might think he's just on 1st base and then the next thing you know he's on 2ND and then 3RD. He's there in a split second and slammin into the base before the opposing team knows it. They don't get much faster at stealin base than "Stealing Base Devin Sneaks!"

"Stealin Base Devin Sneaks" is an 8" cloth and sneaker boy doll from The Sneaker Series.  He has a cloth head with an embroidered face. His face is outline embroidered and he has huge brown, black and white satin stitched embroidered eyes. His eyelids are satin stitched with cream embroidery floss. His nose is back stitched embroidered as are his mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows.   His cheeks are blushed pink.   He has thick, straight brown yarn hair under his red cap.

He likes to wear his sneakers facing forward and his head facing forward so he can get a jump start on stealin the base. And, of course, he always carried his favorite bat with him.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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