Smiling Sam The USA Man Country Uncle Sam Doll E-Pattern

Smiling Sam The USA Man Country Uncle Sam Doll E-Pattern

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“Smiling Sam! The USA Man ”, 29” Country Uncle Sam Doll Decoration E-Pattern - Patriotic Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

"Smiling Sam! The USA Man" is a proud American. In fact, he's a direct descendant of George Washington and couldn't be any prouder of his heritage. That's why he's wearing his favorite patriotic outfit. He loves his country and fellow countrymen and will do anything he can to lend support where ever he's needed. Today he's going to the public library for History Day. He's Uncle Sam and will be teaching the kids about patriotism.

"Smiling Sam! The USA Man" is a 29" country Uncle Sam doll from our "Pleasantly Plump Series." He is a squared bottomed self-standing cloth and wood doll. His arms and hands are wired and his cloth head and cloth body are supported by a wood dowel and wood base. His face is outlined embroidered with black back stitches and he has indented black beads for eyes. His cheeks are rosy and blushed and his moustache is made of raw mohair. He has a beautifully trimmed goatee made of wool roving. Sam has has a mass of straight, white wool roving doll hair which is barely controlled under his patriotic top hat. His hat is lined and has a large, wide brim and contrast hat band strip. He is wearing his favorite patriotic outfit. His inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by his shirt and squared-bottom and striped pants. His white shirt is gathered at the neck edge and wrists. A double layered ribbon cummerbund is tightly fastened around his waist. His jacket has facing along all the edges, cuffs, and fold down lapels. It is top stitched along all the edges and fastened with 4 floss bows. A red, white, and blue bowtie is just under his chin. Sam is carrying an American flag decorated with patriotic stars and patriotic wired ribbon bows. A painted wooden U.S.A. heart is secured to his base with wired ribbon bows.

"Smiling Sam! The USA Man" is anxious to show the kids how proud he is of his country and his heritage. He hopes his enthusiasm will rub off on some of the kids. Let's hear it for "Smiling Sam! The USA Man."

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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