Scare Me Dazed Primitive Scarecrow Ornament E-Pattern

Scare Me Dazed Primitive Scarecrow Ornament E-Pattern

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“Scare Me Dazed!”, 6” Primitive Scarecrow Ornament E-Pattern - Fall Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

You've met "Scare Me Happy!" and "Scare Me Melancholy!" - now we'd like you to meet "Scare Me Dazed!" He's the middle brother and is always - well, kind of dazed! He is definitely in a fog most of the time.!

When "Scare Me Dazed!" was born he was awoken out of a peaceful sound sleep and has never been able to recover. He was startled awake. It's no wonder he's never recovered! His brothers know better than to ever ask "Scare Me Dazed!" to do anything for them. He'd willingly agree, but forget what he was supposed to do before he left the room. It's not that he isn't smart! He just can never find his way out of the fog! He's not even sure if any crows come to visit him or whether or not he's doing his job.

"Scare Me Dazed" is a 6" cloth scarecrow ornament. He has an embroidered and watercolor penciled muslin face, burlap hat, raffia hair, and his head is atop a grapevine ball. He has the most beautiful bright blue eyes that are always staring as if he's, well - in a fog! He has rust colored gathered lace an ribbon bow decorations on the top and bottom of his grapevine ball. He has a ribbon hanger so he can be hung just about anywhere and makes a wonderful addition to any one's Fall decor.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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