Sam Man The Snow Patriot Country 4th of July Doll E-Pattern

Sam Man The Snow Patriot Country 4th of July Doll E-Pattern

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“Sam Man - The Snow Patriot!”, 15” Country Uncle Sam Snowman Patriotic Doll Decoration E-Pattern - Patriotic Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Sam Man - The Snow Patriot!" wants to show everyone how patriotic he is and is going to do so by wearing his favorite red, white, and blue outfit when he marches in the "Independence Day" parade. His couldn't be prouder of his country or his fellow country men. They fought well in the Revolutionary War and won their right to independence. That's cause for celebration in Sam Man's book.

"Sam Man - The Snow Patriot!" is a 15" self-standing patriotic snowman Americana doll. He has warm and natural body. His face is outline embroidered with black floss and he has two large antique button eyes, a felt carrot nose, and blushed cheeks. He has two large black button down the center of his snowman body. He is wearing his favorite outfit. His coat is lined and cuffed, and is tied just under his neck with a floss bow. His bowtie is red, white, and blue and his floppy lined top hat is, too. He has a long white scarf wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot to the left side of his neck. "Sam Man - The Snow Patriot!" is carrying two flags that he hopes to wave during the Independence Day parade.

"Sam Man!"is a proud citizen - that is, if snowmen can be citizens - and wants everyone to know it. So, let's hear it for the right to be independent. Let's hear it for America - Land of the free!

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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