Raking Hank Handmade Country Scarecrow Doll Decoration

Raking Hank Handmade Country Scarecrow Doll Decoration

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Raking Hank - 20" Handmade Country Scarecrow Doll Decoration 

Raking Hank has got to be the cheeriest of all my dolls. I don't think anyone else could even compete with him. Then, again, I am a little biased. You see, he was one of the first scarecrows that I made and, I have to admit, one of my favorites. Sssshhhhhhhh!!! Please don't tell any of the other dolls I said that. They'd make my life miserable. Let's just keep it between us. Okay? 

Raking Hank HD126 Raking Hank is 20" wood and cloth Scarecrow. He has a delightfully embroidered face. Why, he can just light up a room with his glow. We have to keep him away from the leaves for that very reason. His glow would set the leaves afire and we couldn't have that happen. His head is made of cloth and his body is made of wood, with some strategic padding here and there for effect. He's also sporting sock, big flouncy pantaloons,a jacket with pockets that is adorned with embroidered stitches. His ruffled collar matches his big flouncy pantaloons. His big floppy hat is lined and he has raffia tie decorations everywhere. His hair is made of raffia and his big floppy hat sports an attractive bow. Raking Hank carries his wooden rake with tines for show. We wouldn't want him to set the wood's afire with his glow, now would we? 

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