Punky Handmade Primitive Girl Doll

Punky Handmade Primitive Girl Doll

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Punky - Handmade Primitive Girl Doll

"Punky" got her nickname from her big brother. He's only ten months older than she is, but is still her big brother. They're "Irish twins" and do everything together.

"Punky's" actual nickname is "Pumpkin", but her big brother couldn't pronounce that so he called her "Punky." It seemed to stick and everyone started calling her that. She doesn't mind, though, as she considers herself a "bit of a punk." She may be little but she's "fiesty." 

Punky - 12” Handmade Primitive Girl Doll with Embroidered Face, Button Eyes, Bloomers, Fringed Dress, and Black Boots with Ties 

Designer-Primitive Miles 

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