Peter Prim Tail Primitive Bunny Doll E-Pattern

Peter Prim Tail Primitive Bunny Doll E-Pattern

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“Peter Prim Tail”, 20” Primitive Bunny Doll E-Pattern - Primitive Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Peter Prim Tail!" and his sister, "Prim Me A Bunny, Mitzy!" are on their way to read to the "bunny kids" at the "Great Bunny Library." They love to be involved in their bunny community and volunteered to read to the younger bunnies at the "Great Bunny Library!" Maybe we should say, that "Prim Me A Bunny, Mitzy!" thought it would be a wonderful idea for her and her brother, "Peter Prim Tail!" to read to all the younger bunnies. Peter, on the other hand, would rather be out teaching the younger bunny boys any variety of sports. Hopping, jumping, skipping, relay races, leap frogging, hurdle jumping - that's his thing. Reading is really Mitzy's thing. But, Mitzy asked him ever so sweetly, so how could he say "no!" He couldn't, so they're off to the "Great Bunny Library" to read to the kids. They're only problem is what should they read?

"Peter Prim Tail!" is a 20" primitive cloth bunny with an embroidered face with two button eyes. His nose is zig-zag embroidered with black floss and his mouth is outlined with a back stitch in black floss. His eyebrows and eyelashes are straight stitched with black floss, his cheeks are blushed, and he has freckles and whiskers. His ears are wired and bendable and he has cloth plaid inner ears. He is wearing his favorite shirt and pants. His pants are gathered at the waist and tied in several spots with ties along his legs. His shirt is frayed and has a center pocket. It is gathered at the neck edge. A fringed bandanna is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot in the front.

"Peter Prim Tail!" has decided that he wants to read the bunny kids some of his favorite comic books. His sister, Mitzy, doesn't consider comic books real books, but Peter feels that to get the "bunny boys", in particular, interested in reading that he should read them something to hold their interest. And, "Peter Rabbit" and "Alice In Wonderland" are just not going to hold their attention. At least, he doesn't think so. Mitsy is not so sure. She loves and classics and thinks the "bunny kids" will too. Even the boys. But, Peter is her brother and is being so nice about reading to the "bunny kids" she doesn't want to upset that. So, she'll let Peter win this battle. At least for this week's story hour.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals



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