Pamela With The Big Eyes Loves Her Fall Colors Handmade Doll

Pamela With The Big Eyes Loves Her Fall Colors Handmade Doll

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“Pamela With The Big Eyes Loves Her Fall Colors”, 16” Colonial Girl Art Doll - Colonial Series 

"Pamela With The Big Eyes Loves Her Fall Colors" and her brother, "Peter With The Big Eyes Loves His Fall Outfit",  are unusually close.  They're fraternal twins, born two minutes apart on October 12 - Columbus Day. As a result they love the Fall and it's bright, beautiful colors, and they love being Colonial. Born and bred in Salem, MA.

So, it is no surprise that they love to wear their best Fall outfits when out for a walk on a beautiful Fall day. They love to walk down near the pier and the harbor. It's just so beautiful and peaceful down there. Plus, when they get hungry they can have afternoon tea and one of their favorite scones at a local cafe.

Pamela is a quiet, shy but  proper, colonial girl. She was taught how to be a gracious lady and believes in being proper,  friendly and courteous at all times - especially when out in public. Her only problem is that everyone keeps looking at her and her big, beautiful eyes - especially the young "gentlemen.". With all the eyes on her she gets self-conscious and starts to blush.  And, when that happens she blushes from head to toe. Then all the young gentleman can't help themselves and vie for her attention - which irks her brother, Peter, to no end.

Peter is a terrific brother but is a tad conceited. He also has a bit of a temper - especially when it comes to his sister and all the young "gentlemen" vying for her attention. He knows she is absolutely beautiful with her big, beautiful eyes but hates all the attention she gets from the young "gentleman." Since he also has big, beautiful eyes he gets an enormous amount of attention himself from all the young "ladies." Of course, he doesn't mind this.   That's okay. Its' just not okay for Pamela.

Pamela is a 16 handmade Colonial girl doll. She has a cloth body with an embroidered and chalk  colored face and a mass of dark brown curly hair on the sides of her head with the back left bare.

She is wearing lace trimmed bloomers gathered at the waist. Her lace trimmed slip is also gathered at the waist. She has black boots criss-crossed with gold embroidery floss for laces. She is wearing a beautiful , multi-colored Fall print "Sunday Best" dress with burgundy lace trim and fancy cord trim along the bottom hem edge and sleeve hem edges. Her dress has a burgundy lace trimmed pumpkin colored insert which is adorned with two floral ribbon and bead decorations. It is gathered at the shoulders, wrists, and neck and has burgundy lace and white fancy cord trim wrapped around her waist.

All in all Pamela is the epitome of a proper Colonial girl. If only the young "gentlemen" would leave her alone.

Please note: The chair that is pictured is not included.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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