Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Handmade Wall Quilt Decoration

Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Handmade Wall Quilt Decoration

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"Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Wall Quilt", 12" by 13" Baby Shower Wall Quilt Decoration E-Pattern 

I just love decorating for baby showers with all sorts of items - don't you? One of my favorite decorations to use is a small baby wall quilt as they make great decorations both for the shower and for use in decorating a babies room.

If you like decorating with wall quilts I have an adorable quilt to decorate your baby shower that is made using some of my It's Raining baby Showers fabric designs.

My "Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Wall Quilt" is a multiple square and rectangle block 12" by 13" wall quilt that is backed with cream colored quilted fabric.  Decorative machine embroidery is sewn around the center squares and decorative ribbons are sew around the center outer squares, and along the tops, bottom, and sides, of the other square and rectangle blocks.  The wall quilt is hung from three fabric tabs that are adorned with pink and blue combination wired ribbons and which are glued to a wood dowel.

"Nicky Baby Pink and Blues Wall Quilt" is a wonderful quilt and is an adorable decoration for any baby shower or newborns room.  It also makes a great gift for any mother-to-be.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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