Nellie Snow-Lady Victorian Snow-Lady Art Doll E-Pattern

Nellie Snow-Lady Victorian Snow-Lady Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Nellie”, 23” Doll - Victorian Snow Lady Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Series - 1893 Ladies Street Costume - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Advanced

"Nellie Snow Lady" is a free-standing doll and such a beautiful snow lady dressed in her best street costume. She has a fancy double-tiered lace trimmed dress, full length double-tiered laced trimmed (inside and out) lined jacket with long puffed sleeves, fancy lace and floral decorated lined hat, lace trimmed and gathered slip, lace trimmed and gathered bloomers, lace trimmed parasol, and lace gloves. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. Her hair is white with bangs and is fastened in a bun. Her face is partly embroidered and she has a covered Styrofoam head and cloth body supported by a wood dowel and covered wood base. Her fancy hat is tied with a lace ribbon into a bow on the side of her head.

"Nellie Snow Lady" is the epitome of elegance in snow gals. She just loves her Victorian outfit and blue colors. It is a good compliment to her "snow" complexion. "Nellie Snow Lady" prides herself on her composure, her style, and her demeanor. She is everything you could want in a Victorian Snow Lady.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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