Moose Me Victorian Gentleman Moose Art Doll E-Pattern

Moose Me Victorian Gentleman Moose Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Moose Me Victorian!”, 17” Victorian Moose Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Animal Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

"Moose Me Victorian!" really didn't want to have anything to do with the "Victoriana High Society Tea Club" but when his friend "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" invited him - well, how could he say no. "Moose Me Victorian!" was a Victorian moose but he considered himself every bit the man's man. Hunting was in his blood and had been for generations. In fact, he excelled at marksmanship and had won the county title several years in a row. But, his friend "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" had asked him and he was as loyal as they come and blood brothers with Ryan. So, how could he say no. He couldn't.    "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" asked his friend "Moose Me Victorian!" to join. He also invited "Moose Me Victorian's" sister, "Moose Me A dance!" to join as well. His wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" had asked him to so he did. "Moose Me Victorian" knew that his sister, "Moose Me A Dance!" would be thrilled with the invitation. Why, she'd be ecstatic and be daydreaming of all the high society balls she would be attending. Not to mention all the wonderful ball gowns she'd have to buy. Oh, yes! "Moose Me A Dance!" would be beside herself with anticipation. "Moose Me Victorian!" wishes his sister, "Moose Me A Dance!" were as good at her marksmanship as she was on the dance floor. She could twirl and twirl and twirl and never loose her footing. She was graceful and every bit as elegant as she needed to be. 

"Moose Me Victorian!" is a self standing moose doll with a square bottom and brushed felt body. He has black bead eyes and a black satin stitched nose. His mouth is embroidered with DMC embroidery floss and his ears and cheeks are blushed. His huge antlers sit regally upon his head and discourage any kind of confrontation. His gray lined hat also sits regally upon his head and matches his suit and vest perfectly. He is wearing a flannel shirt which is gathered at the neck. He is also wearing a gray wool vest that matches his gray wool jacket and which is lined with the same fabric as his gray wool jacket. His vest is top stitched and fastened in front with a button. His lace trimmed ascot also matches the lining of his gray wool vest and gray wool jacket. He is wearing a lined gray wool jacket with a lined collar and lapels. His jacket is top stitched and fastens with a large gray button in the front. 

"Moose Me Victorian!" knows fully well that he can walk and talk Victorian with the best of the Victorian gentleman. However, he much prefers the company of his hunting buddies and while he may be dancing on the dance floor his mind will be elsewhere. 

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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