Milo Donald Stepping Out Victorian Boy Art Doll E-Pattern

Milo Donald Stepping Out Victorian Boy Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Milo Donald - Stepping Out!”, 12” Victorian Boy Art Doll E-Pattern- Victorian Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

"Ursula - Stepping Out!" and her brother, "Milo Donald - Stepping Out!" have decided to go on a little adventure. Well, let's just say that "Milo Donald" convinced his sister, Ursula, that they should go on this adventure. He told her that it would be "lots of fun" and she'd have a good time. Ursula isn't so sure and really doesn't want to get in trouble with her parents, again. You see, Milo Donald, is always getting her into hot water. She loves her brother dearly, but he is a bit reckless and a bit of a wise cracker. His mouth and his antics always seems to get them in trouble. So, Ursula is a little nervous about Milo Donald's latest adventure.

"Milo Donald - Stepping Out!" is a 13" Victorian cloth bodied doll with a watercolor penciled face. His face is outlined in black and he has bright blue eyes with a pointed nose and rosy cheeks. His nose is outlined and shadowed, his eyelids are shadowed, and his lips are painted red with his mouth fashioned in a wisecrack smile. Milo Donald has cross laced and black painted boots. His pinkish shirt is gathered at the neck edge and has lace trim along the neck edge. He is wearing his favorite black plaid pantaloons which are gathered along the waistline and gathered at the top of his boots. His black two section jacket is lined and has a gathered flounce bottom and stand-up collar with lapels. It is fastened in the front with two buttons. He has a full head of curly burgundy hair. A matching black plaid and lined top hat sits on the top and back of his head.

Milo Donald really doesn't understand why his sister, Ursula, is so timid about their latest adventure. It's not like he always gets them into trouble. Well, make that once in a while he doesn't get them into trouble. Maybe this will be one of those times. What do you think?

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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