Matt The Moose Handmade Woodland Country Moose Doll

Matt The Moose Handmade Woodland Country Moose Doll

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Matt The Moose! -15" Handmade Woodland Country Moose Doll 

"Mac The Moose!" and his best buds, "Mike The Moose!", "Matt The Moose!", and "Matthew The Moose!" just love to go fishing, hiking, camping - basically, anything having to do with the outdoors. The only outdoor event they don't like is, well, hunting season. The reasons why should be obvious, but, if they're not - well, let's just say, none of the four like to be the target. You see, they are outdoors men for sure, but they're also "moose" and, as such, well, hunters just love moose! So, during hunting season they spend most of their time inside their cabin. 

"Matt The Moose!" loves being outdoors, but would rather play a game than read a book. He likes games that challenge his mind - like Scrabble, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, etc. The more challenging and difficult - the better for"Matt The Moose! " 

"Matt The Moose!"" is a 15" brushed suede moose. His face is embroidered with brown floss and he has black eyes, an embroidered nose, moose ears, brushed felt antlers, and blushed cheeks. He is wearing his favorite outdoors man outfit. His corduroy pants are cuffed and gathered at the waist and have patches all over the worn areas. His finished wool jacket is cuffed, buttoned and gathered around the neck. His flannel vest has pockets and a fringed flannel scarf with heart applique is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot in the front. His favorite wool cap with ear flaps sits atop his head. His moose feet have black felt pads. 

Please note:  The chair that is pictured is not included.

Designer: Homespun At Heart Designs

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