Mabel I Might Handmade Country Art Doll

Mabel I Might Handmade Country Art Doll

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“Mabel - I Might!”, 21” Handmade Country Art Doll -“Gray Is Beautiful” Series 

“Mabel - I Might!” reminds me of the “Rosie The Riveter” commercials from WWII. There isn’t anything that Mabel can’t do. “Mabel” is a PROUD member of the “Gray Is Beautiful!” Club. She has wild gray hair that sticks straight out of the sides and top of her head. She has a cloth body, embroidered face with a wonderful smile, lace trimmed bloomers, denim jumper, and checkered shirt. She has a fringed bows tied around her neck and a fringed bow in her hair

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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