Lili The Folk-Art Doll Loves The Fall Folk-Art Doll E-Pattern

Lili The Folk-Art Doll Loves The Fall Folk-Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Lili The Folk-Art Dolls Loves The Fall and Her Pumpkins", 17” Folk-Art Girl Doll E-Pattern - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

"Lili The Folk-Art Doll Loves The Fall and Her Pumpkins" and "Luther The Folk-Art Doll Loves The Fall and His Pumpkins" are fraternal twins, brother and sister. Even though they are fraternal twins they still look alike except for their hair.  Lili has beautiful raggedy orange curly hair while Luther has straight brown hair.

Like a lot of identical or fraternal twins they seem to be able to read each others minds. So much so that it's downright scary. They act alike and dress alike.  They even know what each will be wearing and when and both love the bright vivid colors of the Fall season.   Pus, they love pumpkins.

Their Mother always thanks her lucky stars that at least they were a different sex and had different hair. If they didn't even she would not be able to tell them apart.

Lili and Luther can finish each other's sentences and vice versa.  They stick together like glue. Where there's one there's the other. And, where they are they're always surrounded by their pumpkins.

"Lili The Folk-Art Doll Loves The Fall and Her Pumpkins" is an 17" folk-art girl doll. She is wearing her favorite dress for the Fall. It's just so cheery and beautiful with it's embroidered insert.

Lili is a folk-art girl doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and curly raggedy orange hair along the side seams of her head with the back left bare. She is wearing lace trimmed bloomers gathered at the waist and ankles.  Her boots are black and criss-crossed with orange embroidery floss.

 Her Fall colored dress eyelet lace trimmed along the sleeve hem edge and along the bottom hem edge.  The dress bodice is rust colored and has a beautiful eyelet laced insert with button accent, orange lace around the neck, and a beautiful Fall flowers print dress skirt that is gathered at the waist.  A large orange ribbon is wrapped around her waist and tied in a bow in the back.

Lili is surrounded with her favorite Fall fabric quilted pumpkins.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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