Laura The Quintessential Lady Bunny Handmade Victorian Art Doll
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Laura The Quintessential Lady Bunny Handmade Victorian Art Doll

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“Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!”, 17” Victorian Lady Bunny Doll - Victorian - Animal Series 

"Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" was pacing around the house and couldn't wait for her husband, "Devin, A Bunny Gentleman", to get home. You see, she was quite beside herself. She just couldn't understand what they hadn't received their invitation to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" that was started by "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" for all their wonderful Victorian animal friends.  Laura and Devin were not only "animals, but "old money" animals which meant they were the creme de la creme of the Victorian animal establishment. They were definitely eligible to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society." So, why hadn't they received an invitation yet? 

"Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" is a 17" Victorian bunny. She is a self standing bunny doll with a square bottom and warm & natural body. Her face is embroidered and her cheeks are blushed. The outline of her mouth is embroidered with a back stitch and nose is satin stitch embroidered with pink floss. The inside of her mouth is colored pink. The outline of her eyes is back stitch embroidered with black floss and the pupils of her eyes are satin stitched with black floss while her iris are colored brown. The outline of her eyebrows is back stitch embroidered with black floss and her eyebrows are colored gray. She has whiskers on both sides of her cheeks. Laura has a layer of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a double lace trimmed and gathered slip. Her beautiful coordinating ensemble is the latest in Victorian fashion. Her dress is gathered at the waistline and along the neck edge. The sleeves are cuffed and are gathered at the shoulders and halfway up the cuff edge. Her dress has has multiple layers of multi-colored and gathered lace trim along the bottom hem edge and along the waistline. She has a matching ascot with several layers of lace trim that is wrapped around her neck, overlapped int he front, and secured with a DMC floss bow. She has beautifully curly white mohair hair that is barely controlled underneath her frilly, lace trimmed and gathered bonnet which is tied to the right side of her head in a bow. She has wired warm and natural ears with fabric inner ears that are sticking out through the slits in her bonnet. Her matching shawl is lined, has multiple layers of lace trim along the edges, and is wrapped around her shoulders and tied in a knot in the front. She is carrying a frilly, multi-layered lace trim wicker umbrella with a large silk floral decoration. 

"Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" is quite the epitome of a fashionable lady of society and has been for a very long time. Despite her 70+ years she is still the creme de la creme of society. So, where is her invitation? When will her husband get home? 

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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