Keep Me Squeaking Phebe Victorian Lady Mouse Art Doll E-Pattern

Keep Me Squeaking Phebe Victorian Lady Mouse Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Keep Me Squeaking, Phebe!”, 13” Victorian Lady Mouse Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Animal Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Advanced 

"Keep Me Squeaking, Phebe!" is hoping that her life long friendship with "Barely Victorian, Deb!" will guarantee membership for herself and her brother, "Stop Mousing Around, Reginald!" into the new Victorian Tea Society started by "Bearly Victorian, Ryan!" and his wife "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" She's got her fingers and tail crossed.

"Keep Me Squeaking, Phebe!" knows that her lineage is of the highest so she and her brother should have no problem getting accepted. Plus, well - you know, she had that live long in with Deb. They're BFF's and tight as mice. Or should we say, tight as mice and bears! "Keep Me Squeaking, Phebe!" is regal and Victorian to the core, but she has a little bit of an imp in here and just loves a good laugh. Or, in her case, a good squeak! While ball room dancing she has been known to belt out several squeaks or two or even three of laughter. She just loves to dance, and twirl, and laugh, and squeak. Her brother, "Stop Mousing Around, Reginald!" is much more serious. Much more studious. He is every bit the proper Victorian gentleman. He has a high IQ, great style and pizazz, and is well behaved. It's not that he doesn't like a good laugh like his sister, Phebe. It's just that he feels there are some things you can do in the privacy of your own home and some things you can't. Squeaking is one of those things that belongs at home. Not when attending the finest social gatherings. However, he adores his sister, Phebe and can't help but chuckle every time he hears her delightful squeak. He loves when she is enjoying herself, but just wishes she were a little quieter about it.

"Keep Me Squeaking, Phebe!" is a 13" Victorian mouse. She is a self standing doll with a square bottom and brushed suede body. Her face is embroidered and she has black bead eyes and a pompom nose. Her wonderful big mouse ears are blushed as is her cheeks and she has a white curly mohair for hair on the top of her head. Phebe has 2 layers of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a lace trimmed and gathered double layered and lace trimmed slip. Her beautiful coordinating ensemble is the latest in Victorian fashion. Her dress came straight from Paris from the finest of designers. Nothing shabby for Phebe! Her dress has lace trimmed front overlays attached to a lace trim back panel. It also has multiple layers of lace trim along the sleeve hem and bottom hem and is gathered and lace trimmed along her neck. A ribbon bow is wrapped around her waist and tied in a bow at the back of her dress. Phebe's beautifully matching lined and lace trimmed bonnet adorns her head and is tied in a bow around her neck. The front of her bonnet folds back and the back of her bonnet is adorned with a large bow.

She is carrying a lace trimmed and matching handkerchief for those times when her eyes start to water from too much laughing - or should we say squeaking!

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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