Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus Victorian Santa Art Doll E-Pattern

Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus Victorian Santa Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus”, 15” Victorian Santa Claus Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian - Holiday Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

"Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus" just loves the Christmas season and loves being Santa. However, what he looks forward to the most during the Christmas season is the "Annual Christmas Ball." And, the reason he looks forward to the "Annual Christmas Ball" is because he can finally wear something other than his typical red suit and can take his wife, "Please Call me Mrs. Karen Claus!" to the annual Christmas ball. He loves to take his wife to the ball because she just looks so beautiful in her red velour dress. Why, she's the most beautiful woman there. At least, in his eyes she is. And, she's a fabulous dancer. They can dance, and dance, and dance all night long and never get tired of being in each others arms. It's sheer heaven for "Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus" and something he loves to attend every year. Plus, he gets to wear his favorite green velvet Victorian suit. And, if he doesn't say so himself - he's quite dashing in it! A Victorian gentleman to the core.

"Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus" is a 15" squared bottomed self-standing Victorian Santa cloth doll. He has a 1/2 muslin body and 1/2 velvet body. His face is embroidered with black satin stitched and blue water colored eyes, pink cheeks, and a raised nose. His eyebrows are mohair as is his mustache and beard. His mouth is embroidered and water colored red. Jeremiah has a mass of thick white roving hair that he thinks makes him look quite debonair under his green lined and matching velvet top hat. Jeremiah is wearing his favorite Christmas shirt that is gathered at the neck and wrists. He has fancy lace cummerbund wrapped around his waist and coordinating green velvet and lace bow tie under his chin. His red vest is lined and top stitched along the edges. It is fastened with a button and has fold down lapels. His green velvet jacket is the latest in Victorian gentleman's fashion and has a lining, fold down collar and lapels, and red waist length buttons. Jeremiah is carrying his Santa bag filled with presents for all the "Annual Christmas Ball" attendees.

"Just Call Me Jeremiah Claus" loves being Santa. However, he dearly loves his wife and looks forward to the "Annual Christmas Ball" so he can twirl her around and around the dance floor. Waltzing to his heart's content. What could be better than that?

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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