James Mason Hunter For All Seasons Victorian Woodland E-Pattern

James Mason Hunter For All Seasons Victorian Woodland E-Pattern

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“James Mason, Hunter For All Seasons”, 15” Victorian Hunter Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

James Mason, Hunter For All Seasons is a hunter and definitely a "man's man." He is strong, rugged, handsome, and loves to hunt for deer, moose, fox, and even quail. He's a sportsman and a crack shot and has held his country's title in marksmanship three years running. He's very proud of the latter and practices whenever he gets a chance. If he has a choice, which he almost never does, between attending the latest social event or going hunting - well, he'd rather be hunting. However, he is mindful of his Victorian social duties and does participate in many, many of the Victorian social events. But, while he might be physically there, his mind is elsewhere.

"James Mason, Hunter For All Seasons!" is a 15" Victorian hunter cloth doll with muslin body. His face is embroidered and outlined and his brown eyes are watercolor penciled. His eyebrows are outlined with black DMC embroidery floss and watercolor penciled. His nose is embroidered and indented and his mouth is embroidered and watercolor penciled red. James Mason sports a reddish curly mustache, full curly reddish beard, and full head of straight auburn hair. His boots are painted black and cross-laced. He is wearing a cream print shirt that is gathered at the neck and a lace ascot is wrapped around his neck and tacked in the front. He is sporting his best coordinated hunter's outfit. Both the pantaloons and jacket are coordinated. His two-tone checkered brown pantaloons have brushed denim brown cuffs and are the pantaloons are gathered at the cuffs and at the waist. His jacket is lined with the brown check fabric and has a fold down collar and lapels. The sleeves have cuffs and the jacket has two front top stitched lined pockets with flaps and has shoulder and sleeve pads. The jacket is held together in the front with three buttons and a top stitched and belt is wrap around his waist and fastened in the front with two buttons. He is wearing a coordinated multi-sectional lined cap and brim.

James Mason is every bit the hunter and always likes to dress the part.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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