It's Raining Baby Girls Penny Rug Mini Quilt Decoration

It's Raining Baby Girls Penny Rug Mini Quilt Decoration

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“It's Raining Baby Girls”, 14" by 14" Handmade Wool Felt Penny Rug Baby Shower Mini Quilt Decoration

Sometimes you just totally enjoy what you're designing and making. Such was the case with my new "It's Raining Baby Showers" penny rug wool felt baby mini quilts.

I had been wanting to create wool felt penny rug type mini quilts for my "It's Raining Baby Showers" baby shower decorations line and thought that mini quilts with baby heads in buntings raining down under umbrellas would be cute.

I thought they'd make cheery and adorable mini quilts to decorate a baby girls or baby boys nursery or to decorate a baby girls or baby boys baby shower? It's raining babies, rattles, umbrella's, and rain drops.

It's Raining Baby Girls is a handmade 8/12" by 11" penny rug pink wool felt mini quilt that hangs from a finished pink ribbon tied in a bow. Three baby girls bundled in baby buntings and three baby boys bundled in baby buntings are raining down under a delightful pink decorated and embroidered wool felt umbrella. Yellow rattles decorated with ribbon bows and rain drops are scattered throughout the mini quilt.

The wool felt mini quilt is made from two pink pieces of wool felt (8 1/2" by 11") which are blanket stitched around all the edges. The pink umbrella is embellished with bright pink bows and embroidered with accent lines.  The baby heads have embroidered and blushed cheek faces, yarn for hair, creme felt buntings, and ribbon bows for decorations.

It's Raining Baby Girls makes an adorable decoration for any nursery or gift for a mother-to-be.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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