I Love Mrs Buzz Michelle Victorian Animal Cat Art Doll E-Pattern

I Love Mrs Buzz Michelle Victorian Animal Cat Art Doll E-Pattern

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“I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!”, 12” Victorian Animal Cat Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Animal Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

"I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" could hardly wait to tell her husband, "Come Here, William Augustus!" that they had gotten the much anticipated email from "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!"  "I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" was anxiously awaiting her membership email. She had no doubt that she and her husband, "Come Here, William Augustus!" would be invited to join as their families had been at the top of the social circle for generations. They were, cats, after all and highly prized for their poise, elegance, tenacity, and grace. In fact, "I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" had won the grace competition every year since she was 7 years old. She could jump with such refined elegance that it simply took your breath away. So easy. So smooth. So light as air. And, her husband "Come Here, William Augustus!" was as refined and dignified a gentleman cat as there ever was one. He moved with the sleekness of a fine tuned leopard. He could be right behind you and you wouldn't even notice it. And, his manners. Well, they didn't get any more dignified than William Augustus.

"I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" is a 12" self-standing Victorian cat with a square bottom, brushed suede body and embroidered face. She has black bead eyes, a felt animal nose, and blushed cheeks. The outline of her mouth is embroidered as are her eyebrows and eyelashes. Her ears are slightly blushed and she has black DMC Embroidery floss whiskers. A lovely tuft of red mohair doll hair sits atop her head and sitting atop that is a silk floral. Michelle has 2 layers of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a lace trimmed and gathered slip. Her elegant tail sticks out from behind her slip. "I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" is always up on the latest fashion from the catwalks in Paris. In fact, she used to be one of the models. That is, until her parents told her that it was time for her to take her place within society. So, she gave up the glamorous life of a cat model and came home much to the chagrin of her cat model friends. Her beautiful dress has multiple layers of gathered lace trim along the bottom hem as well as along the sleeve hems and both are complimented by a layer of straight white lace. Her lace trimmed lined overskirt with waistband overlaps in the front.

Her lined and lace trimmed shawl sits beautifully upon her shoulders and is tacked int he front with a DMC bow. A silk floral adorns the overlap of the shawl. Her lace gloves lend elegance to her Victorian outfit. Sleek, graceful, beautiful, and refined. What a package all rolled into one. "I Love Mrs. Buzz, Michelle!" is the epitome of grace and elegance.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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