Harold The Bunny Handmade Country Bunny Doll Decoration

Harold The Bunny Handmade Country Bunny Doll Decoration

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Harold - The Bunny - Handmade Country Bunny Doll Decoration

"Harold The Bunny" is a crowd favorite at "The Dollie Fashions Shows." There's just something about his face that draws the audience to him. Especially the women. He's just so "bunny cute!" 

Harold doesn't let all the attention he gets from the girls go to his head. He knows he's "bunny cute", but he's also quite bright, has a great sense of humor, has great taste in clothes, loves his family, and works hard. He is respectful and kind. Harold is "bunny cute", but he's a whole lot more. 

"Harold The Bunny" - Handmade Country Bunny Doll Decoration - He is a 20” handmade country cloth and wood bunny doll decoration. He is a self sitting bunny with an embroidered face, black bead eyes, lined socks, cuffed shorts, pinked shirt, under sleeves, lined hat, bow, and floral decorations. 

Designer-Sparkles N Spirit 

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children.

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