Handmade Animals, Dolls and Decorations

I have loved dolls, sewing, crafting, designing floral arrangements, and genealogy since I was a little girl. In fact, there was never a doll that I didn't love and want to add to my collection. I was always making or sewing something and always wanted to design my own dolls. Finally, I was able to do so by creating Linda Walsh Originals. 

I’ve never seen a doll that I haven't loved. It doesn't matter to me what the category is or what the doll is made of. It doesn't matter if they are beautiful or down right ugly. I love them all and I want them all. Best of all, I love creating them and then decorating with them.  Given that I've been sewing and crafting for over 40 years I've made thousands of handmade dolls & crafts. I just love decorating my home with the various dolls and crafts that I have made throughout the years changing my arrangements by season or by holiday. So, I thought you might like to decorate your home for the holidays and seasons as well. 

All of the finished dolls and crafts that are for sale here have been made by me. You might notice that for most of the dolls or craft items shown there is only one of them. For a few I might have made two.  The reason for this is that I like variety versus quantity. In other words, I get bored easily. 

If you click through all my pages you’ll notice that I’ve made quite a few dolls or craft items of various types, shapes, and categories. Some of the dolls are cloth, some are wood, some are a combination of wood and cloth, and some are porcelain or clay. Some have faces and some don't. Some stand alone and some or ornaments. Some of the dolls that are for sale are my own designs. Other dolls or craft items that are for sale are based on another designers’ pattern. 

In my shop we have Victorians, colonial dolls, vintage dolls, country dolls, primitives, shabby chic dolls, shelf sitters, porcelain dolls, occupational dolls, dolls for all occasions, raggedies, boys, girls, animals, woodland dolls & crafts, and clowns. Plus, we have dolls & crafts for the fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons. We also have dolls & crafts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July and other holidays.  This means we have dolls and crafts of every kind including scarecrows, witches, ghosts, pilgrims, Victorians, colonials, Frankenstein’s, Santa’s, angels, Uncle Sam’s, snowmen, snow-ladies, pumpkins, dogs, cats, bears, clowns, reindeer, deer or moose, penguins, ewe’s, rabbits or bunnies, Dracula’s, turkeys, elves, ornaments, carolers, and maybe even a leprechaun. We have a wild mix to say the least. 

If you are looking for a decoration for your home then we have a doll or craft for every occasion, every season, and every holiday. We have "handmade dolls & crafts" for grown-up girls primitive, Victorian, country, colonial, folkart, cottage and shabby chic decor.  I hope you enjoy seeing all my handmade dolls & crafts.  Just click on the category links below.


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