Gray Is Beautiful

Aging is beautiful and gray hair is not only beautiful, but something to be proud of. After all you've earned all those gray or white hairs. Stand up and say, "I'm gray and proud of it!" Better yet, "I'm a senior citizen and PROUD of it!"

Our "Gray Is Beautiful" main website is in honor of all the aging, graying, baby boomer, senior citizens, Grandmothers, Nana's, Grandma's and Grannies out there. If you're young and gray-haired or white-haired "Gray Is Beautiful" is for you, too.  

"Gray Is Beautiful" is brought to you by our series of gray and white-haired dolls.  We have Helena, Sweet Julianna, Mabel - I Might, Magdalene - The Drama Queen, and Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray. Each and every one of them is "PROUD OF THEIR AGE!" and "PROUD TO BE GRAY!" 

At "Gray Is Beautiful" we are proud of our age & our gray hair and proud to say so. After all, we have earned each and every strand. We say "Be PROUD" of your gray. Whether you are a senior citizen, baby boomer, female, or just have gray or white hair our "Gray Is Beautiful" products are for you. 

Plus, we created "Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery" for selling our "Gray Is Beautiful" line of products. We've got hundreds upon hundreds of products with all the wonderful graphics created by the "Gray Is Beautiful" line of dolls.  They are products geared towards all the baby boomers, senior citizens, grandmothers, grandfathers with gray and white hair.

On the Gray Is Beautiful category of our Linda Walsh Originals Shop you can buy our Gray Is Beautiful handmade doll & craft decorations,  e-patterns and instant digital download patterns, e-printables and instant digital download printables, e-books and instant digital download books.   

We're GRAY and PROUD of it!

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