GrandPa Moose Handmade Woodland Moose Doll

GrandPa Moose Handmade Woodland Moose Doll

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GrandPa Moose - Handmade Woodland Moose Doll

"Grandpa Moose" - Handmade Woodland Moose Doll - He is a 16” brushed felt stand alone moose with an embroidered face with brown moose eyes and large brushed felt antlers. He has a large painted snout and wire glasses. He is wearing a long cotton gown that is gathered at his neck and has sleeves with cuffs. He is also wearing his favorite fringed flannel robe with braided tie, patch appliqued decorated scarf, and wool hat.

Don't ask "Grandpa Moose" his age. He'll probably tell you he's "older than the hills!" Then he'll say he's over 100. You won't be able to get the truth out of him. I'm not sure he really knows anymore how old he is. Let's just say he's "up there!" "Grandpa Moose" likes to spend all day in his lounging outfit. "What's the point of dressing?" he asks. I'd rather be comfortable and in my "comfy Jammie's." So, if you come to visit - be prepared for Grandpa Moose and his lounging attire. 

Designer-Sandy’s Country Critters

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