Give Me Liberty Annie Handmade Primitive Raggedy Americana Doll

Give Me Liberty Annie Handmade Primitive Raggedy Americana Doll

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“Give Me Liberty, Annie! ”, 16” Handmade Primitive Americana Raggedy Annie Doll - Patriotic Series 

"Give Me Liberty, Annie!" and her brother, "Yankee Doodle Andy!", are getting ready to celebrate and getting ready for the parade. You see, they and their fellow countrymen just won the revolutionary war and are now free and independent. That's cause for celebration - if anything was. So, they're dressed in their best primitive "patriotic" outfits and are going to the parade. 

"Give Me Liberty, Annie!" is a 16" primitive raggedy Ann Americana doll with a muslin cloth body. Her face is outline embroidered with black floss and she has satin stitched black pupils and white satin stitched whites of her eyes. Her nose is embroidered in a zig-zag straight stitch with red floss and her mouth is satin stitched with red floss. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are straight stitched with black floss. Her cheeks are blushed and she is coffee stained throughout. Her boots are black and cross laced. She has a full head of curly, raggedy red doll hair that is barely controlled underneath her lined and gathered bonnet. She is wearing her favorite patriotic dress which is lace trimmed and gathered at the waist and neck. She is also wearing her favorite fringed bloomers that are gathered at the waist and top of her boots. Her vest is lined with fold down lapels and is tied with three floss bows. Annie is carrying an antique brass bell. 

"Give Me Liberty, Annie!" and her brother, "Yankee Doodle Andy!", are hoping to get front row seats at the parade, but are running a little late. Andy couldn't find his flag and Annie couldn't find her bell. Do you think they'll make it on time?

Please note: The chair that is pictured is not included.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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