Gary Handmade Snowman Doll

Gary Handmade Snowman Doll

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Gary - 26" Handmade Snowman Doll 

"Gary" is just like his brother, Bud. He is about as happy-go-lucky a snowman as you'll ever find. He doesn't fret small problems. In fact, he doesn't fret the big problems either. Everything can be fixed in due course he feels. So, he's decided that he and his two younger brothers, Lou and Philip, should go on a great snow adventure. A field trip of sorts - only of a greater magnitude. He's not sure exactly where they'll go. They'll find out when they get there. 

Gary is a 26” cloth snowman with a drawn and embroidered face with black bead eyes, orange felt nose, and blush on his cheeks. He is wearing his favorite wool outfit. He has a large, floppy brown tweed wool stove top hat atop his head that is decorated with felt applique, black boots with criss-cross laces, and plaid socks for his legs. His brown tweed wool pantaloons match his stove top hat and are gathered at the waist. He is wearing his favorite tree appliqued sweater with gathered collar. His long wool coat is embroider outlined and the lapels are appliqued with twin star decorations. 

Gary knows that his younger brothers are a little afraid to go on a great snow adventure, but he's reassured them they will be fine. What a wonderful time they will have. What a story they will have to tell. He just doesn't know what the adventure or story will be as of yet. But, it will be a splendid adventure. 

Please note:  The chair that is pictured is not included.

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