Francis The Bear Handmade Woodsman Bear Doll Decoration

Francis The Bear Handmade Woodsman Bear Doll Decoration

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Francis The Bear - Handmade Woodsman Bear Doll Decoration

"Francis The Bear" is not your average brown bear. He's big and he's rough like a bear, but he is also as gentle as they come. He loves the outdoors and loves outdoor sport, especially fishing. He's not too keen on hunting, though. Especially if it's bear hunting. "Francis The Bear" is hoping to change the image of big brown bears from "frightening" to "as gentle as they come!" He figures he can do this by teaching the boys how to fish. After all what is more relaxing than spending a day on the edge of a lake - just fishing. He may be a big brown bear, but he really is as "gentle" as they come. 

"Francis The Bear" - Handmade Woodsman Bear Doll Decoration - He is a 27” wood and brushed felt bear with an embroidered face, brown bear nose, brown wood and felt feet and paws, and brown bear eyes. He has two large brushed felt bear ears sticking out of his big, floppy felt fisherman's hat. He is sporting pocketed khaki pants, a black checkered flannel shirt that is gathered at the wrists and neck and is decorated with buttons. His blanket stitch embroidered felt vest is decorated with a stained wooden bear and embroidered tree. He has his favorite plaid bandanna around his neck and is holding his favorite fishing pole. 

Designer-Rose Cottage

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