Fly Fisherman Handmade Fisherman Art Doll

Fly Fisherman Handmade Fisherman Art Doll

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Fly Fisherman - Handmade Fisherman Art Doll

"Fly Fisherman" is a 22” handmade fisherman Art Doll with resin face and hands. He sports a full beard and mustache. He has bushy eyebrows and a mass of white hair that is barely controlled under his red flannel hat. He is wearing green sweatpants that are gathered at the waist and ankles, a plaid flannel shirt with button decorations and blanket stitched decorated vest. He also has black boots with ties and is mounted on a wood stained base. He is carrying a fishing rod in his right hand and fishing carry basket is slung over his left shoulder. 

"Fly Fisherman" has been fly fishing for most of his life. His father taught him how to cast as a small boy - around 5 years of age. It took awhile for him to develop his fly casting skills, but he soon was among the very best. "Fly Fisherman" doesn't really worry about whether or not he catches as fish. He just loves being out in the river and fly fishing. To him there is nothing better than conversing with nature, and there is no better way to do that than fly fishing. 

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