Erin Go Alpaca Mug Rug Set Custom Fabric Handmade Mug Rugs

Erin Go Alpaca Mug Rug Set Custom Fabric Handmade Mug Rugs

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Erin Go Alpaca Mug Rug Set - Custom Fabric Handmade Mug Rugs Decoration

It's always wonderful when you can combine two loves into one. Such was the case with my new Erin Go Alpaca Handmade Products Collection. A combination of my love for my sister's alpaca's and my love of designing custom fabric.

One of the fabrics I decided to design was several alpacas standing in the field with a blue sky and green grass background. As blue is my baby sister's favorite color I knew she would love it and want everything I made from this line for her house. Well, in June I decided to order some of the blue fabric and spent a couple days in August designing and sewing pillows, tote bags, mini quilts, ornaments, etc. and decided to name the collection Erin Go Alpaca.

Erin Go Alpaca Mug Rugs are a set of two 6" by 6" custom fabric handmade mug rugs that would be perfect for any rustic, country, farmhouse, woodland, or folksy style home. Each mug rug has one adorable alpaca square bordered by green and blue plaid fabric. Each mug rug is lined with the green and blue plaid fabric and top-stitched around the edges.

Please Note:  Mug shown in picture not included.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children.

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