Egg Muffs Group Handmade Doll Ornaments Set

Egg Muffs Group Handmade Doll Ornaments Set

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Egg Muffs Group Doll Ornaments Set - Handmade It's Raining Doll Parties Doll Ornaments Set - It's Raining Doll Parties Series

Our Egg Muffs Group Ornaments Set consists of 4 of our handmade cotton fabric doll ornaments.  Each Egg Muff Group ornament is a 2 1/2" by 3" cotton fabric doll favor ornament that is filled with poly-fil and hangs from a DMC floss hanger.  

The Egg Muffs Doll Ornaments Set contains 1 each of the following doll ornaments:

 1)  Tom A. Hawk Cut and Sew Doll Ornament 2

 2)  Toni E. Hawk Cut and Sew Doll Ornament 2

 3)  Nancy Dew Drop Cut and Sew Doll Ornament

 4)  Spike A Peak Cut and Sew Doll Ornament 

Our Egg Muffs Group Doll Ornaments make adorable decorations for any doll party or birthday party.  
Designer-Linda Walsh Originals

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children.

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