Crazy Claus At Your Service Primitive Santa Ornament E-Pattern

Crazy Claus At Your Service Primitive Santa Ornament E-Pattern

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“Crazy Claus At Your Service!”, 8” Primitive Santa Doll Ornament E-Pattern - Christmas Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

 "Crazy Claus At Your Service!" and his wife, "Call Me Margaretta Claus" just love to laugh and love to have fun. They just love to hang out and enjoy the holiday festivities. Whether it's at your house or at the North Pole, they're comfortable anywhere.

"Crazy Claus At Your Service!" is an 8" primitive Santa cloth doll ornament He has a muslin body. His face is embroidered and his cheeks are blushed and rosy. His mustache and scraggly beard are made of raw mohair. His black boots are cross laced. Crazy Claus has a mass of white wool roving hair all over his head. He is wearing his favorite red and green plaid Santa outfit. The pants are fringed and gathered at the waist and knees. His fringed jacket has a center panel and hood that barely contains his thick head of hair.

"Crazy Claus At Your Service!" really isn't "crazy!" He's a bit of a kidder and when he gets to laughing he can't stop. He gets to laughing so hard he starts to cry and then he can't stop himself. Maybe then things can get a little crazy. All this laughing and crying and laughing and crying could turn anyone crazy. Whether he's at your house or the North Pole get ready to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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