Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk - Egg Muff Boy E-Pattern

Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk - Egg Muff Boy E-Pattern

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“Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk”, 3 1/2” Softie Wool Felt Doll E-Pattern - The Egg Muff Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

The "Egg Muff's" are a fun loving group of dolls that love to sneak around and maybe, every once in awhile, drop in unexpectedly. And, the Toni E. Hawk and her brother, Tom A. Hawk, are the most fun loving of the group. You might find then peaking around a corner, peaking over the windowsill, peaking through a keyhole in a door, or sneaking into your room. You just never know. Sometimes you might just catch a glimpse of their eyes and hair as they try to sneak a peak. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them laughing, even chuckling away. Sometimes you might even catch them doing a little jig. You just never know what they may do. They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love to play hide and peak! No, not hide and seek! Hide and peak! 

The "babies" of the Hawk family are Devilish Cousin Andy Hawk, Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk, and Cousin Hillary's Secret Hawk.  They are a trio of mischievous cousins that try their Aunt Nancy Dew Drops patience at times.  After baby sitting them for a few hours Aunt Nancy has a migraine and has to go home to rest.  That's when she leaves the baby sitting to Spike A Peek and that might actually be her mistakes as he tends to put ideas into the mischievous cousins little heads.  He is an "Egg Muff" after all. 

Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk is a 3 1/2" squared bottomed self-standing wool felt softie doll. He has a 1/2 white felt and 1/2 ecru felt body. His face is outlined and embroidered and he has triangle shaped eyes. His nose is embroidered as is his mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows. He has orange blushed cheeks. 

Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk has straight hair sticking out of the top of his head with the back of the head left bald. He is wearing his favorite orange felt shirt  and favorite white felt vest. A matching white scarf is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot.

Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk is ever bit as ditsy as his sister Ditsy Daisy Hawk and his sister Penelope Pinhead Hawk. He might by ditsy and might be a pinhead but he's a master of facial expressions.  You just never know what he's thinking or what's he's up to. 

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals



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