Count Dracula Handmade Country Woodcraft Halloween Dracula

Count Dracula Handmade Country Woodcraft Halloween Dracula

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Count Dracula - 19" Handmade Country Woodcraft Count Dracula Halloween Doll Decoration 

Hello, my darling!  Come on over! Come on in! Don't be afraid! I won't BITE you! WINK! WINK! Fingers crossed!!! It's just me. "Count Dracula" next up for the "Hey, What About Us! The Other Dolls!" Series - The Witching Time! Come on, now! Don't be afraid! I promise it won't hurt! Hey, don't you believe me? A little bite never hurt anyone. Just a little nibble! Come on now. Volunteers for immortality, anyone? Come on now - what's a little bite amongst friends? Come on, everyone. He just wants a little bite! 

Count Dracula is an 19" Count Dracula with a painted wood face and body. He has a long felt cape, checkered vest with button, painted accents and is carrying his watch. 

Designer-Mulberry Cottage

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