Christine Cinnie Country Cinnamon Doll Ornament E-Pattern
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Christine Cinnie Country Cinnamon Doll Ornament E-Pattern

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“Christine Cinnie”, 12”Country Cinnamon Doll Ornament E-Pattern - Cinnamon Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Christine Cinnie" and her brother, Christopher Cinnie, just love to have fun. They love hanging around and watching everyone. They love playing and they love to participate in everything and anything. And, they love sports - especially, soccer. They're problem is that they have cinnamon hands and feet and, well, this makes participating in everything and anything a little difficult. Not impossible - but, difficult. "Christopher Cinnie" likes to play in the goalkeeper position in his soccer games because he love to defend his team's goal. The problem it's a little hard to defend with cinnamon hands and feet. So, he uses his whole body and is getting pretty good at it. "Christine Cinnie" likes to play goalkeeper, too, but she hates it when the ball hits her so she always tries to deflect it with her back or butt. Sometimes she successful. Sometimes she's not. But, she always gives it her best try.

"Christine Cinnie" is a 12" cinnamon rag-doll from our Cinnamon Series. She has a cloth body with the seams sewn on the outside like a rag-doll. She, of course, doesn't considers herself a rag-doll. She considers herself a soccer star. Christine has a drawn and watercolor penciled face with black eyes with blue gray eyeshadow on her eyelids. Her nose is water colored blue rust. Her eyes are under shaded with gray and white and her cheeks are blushed pink. Her mouth is water colored red and her expression is one of "sweet surprise!" She has burgundy "Lil Loopies" doll hair along the side seams of her head with the back left bald. Christine is wearing her favorite coordinated outfit that is sewn rag-doll style with the seams on the outside. Her bloomers match her dress and are fringed and gathered at the waist. Her favorite blue print dress which is also sewn rag-doll style is fringed and gathered at the neck. Her arms and legs are cinnamon sticks. Christine can be hung as an ornament and is perfect for any primitive, folk art, or country home decor.

While "Christine Cinnie" just loves to play the game of soccer she does realize her limitations and is always pleasantly surprised when she is able to deflect a ball with her back or her butt. Maybe that accounts for her "sweet surprise" expression?

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals



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