Chester Victorian Snowman To The Core Handmade Victorian Snowman

Chester Victorian Snowman To The Core Handmade Victorian Snowman

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Chester - Victorian Snowman To The Core! - 25" Handmade Victorian Snowman Doll Decoration 

Abigail and Chester are an unusual pair of Victorians. They may happen to be snowmen (or should we say snowman and snowlady), but they are also Victorians to the core and gardeners to the core. You could say they are Victorian, snowpeople, and gardening lovers to the core. Like a lot of Victorians they love their country cottages and love the ivy growing all over outside walls of their cottage homes. It grows in the spring, summer, winter, or fall. As a result they can be seen during any season attending to it. Since today was such a beautiful sunny day they decided to transplant a few new vines. The problem is that sometimes in doing so they get entangled in them 

"Chester - Victorian Snowman To The Core" is a 25" self-standing wood and felt cloth snowman with an embroidered and blushed face with black bead eyes and carrot resin nose. He has wool roving hair and bangs and is wearing his favorite lined wool derby hat that is adorned with ivy. Ivy also adorns the bottom of his body. He is also wearing his favorite navy and brown colored tweed wool coat. It has cuffed sleeves and is gathered at the collar. A burgundy scar with teal fringe edges fringed is double wrapped around his neck. He is carrying his favorite broom adorned with ivy to sweep the soil away from the walkways. "Chester - Victorian Snowman To The Core" just loves being in the garden, too, especially if Abigail is there. He loves his Victorian cottage home, but really loves it because Abigail does. And, anything she loves - well, he loves it too. Even the ivy which he often gets tangled up in. 

Designer - Tenderberry Stitches

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