Brr Why Is It So Cold Laura  Victorian Snow-Lady Doll E-Pattern

Brr Why Is It So Cold Laura Victorian Snow-Lady Doll E-Pattern

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“Brr... Why Is It So Cold, Laura!”, 9” Victorian Snow-Lady Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian - Seasonal Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Brr... Why Is It So Cold, Laura!" is a very unusual snow-lady. You see, she really doesn't like the cold weather. She's much rather stay inside her finely decorated "pink lady" Victorian house than be outside in the cold. However, she promised her son, "Brr... It's Cold Outside, Bruce!" that she'd take him to the Victorian skating party at Regency Park this weekend. Bruce just loves to skate and is getting quite good at it. In fact, he's won several figure skating trophies which his mother has displayed on the living room mantle. But, he doesn't just love figure skating. He loves ice hockey too and is also very accomplished at that sport as well. So much so that everyone wants him on their team.

"Brr... Why Is It So Cold, Laura!" is a 9" three-tiered self-standing Victorian snow-lady warm & natural cloth doll. She has an embroidered face with X-crossed eyes, resin carrot nose, X-crossed embroidered mouth, and blushed cheeks. She has curly white yarn hair on the top of her head. Her coordinated Victorian lined bonnet has a center band, gathered bonnet and bonnet brim with ear flaps. It sits wonderfully on the top and back of her head. She is wearing her favorite lined and coordinated Victorian jacket with front and back darts, and cuffed sleeves. Her jacket is secured in the front with two buttons and a lined jacket tie is wrapped tightly around her waist and knotted in the back. She is also wearing a coordinated and lined cape and a fringed flannel scarf is wrapped around her neck and tied in a knot in the front. Her skates are flung over her shoulder and she is carrying a tiny Victorian gathered purse. Her hands are being kept warm inside her fur puff.

Bruce is looking forward to the skating party at Regency Park. Laura would much rather stay inside where it's warm.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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