Big Sister Annie and Kid Sister Fannie Doll Ornaments E-Pattern
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Big Sister Annie and Kid Sister Fannie Doll Ornaments E-Pattern

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“Big Sister Annie and Kid Sister Fannie”, 9” Primitive Raggedy Annie and Fannie Ornaments E-Pattern - Raggedy Ornaments Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Big Sister Annie" and her "Kid Sister Fannie" come from a large, loving family and as siblings often do get on each others nerves. Now don't get us wrong. "Big Sister Annie" and "Kid Sister Fannie" adore each other and truly love each other as sisters. It's just that sometimes "Big Sister Annie" wishes she were an only child. Well, maybe not an only child as she dearly loves her brothers, "Big Brother Andy and Kid Brother Randy." Maybe just the only girl. Well, not even that as she really does love Fannie. It's just that sometimes she wishes she could be alone with her friends without "Kid Sister Fannie" tagging along. And, sometimes she wishes she could buy an outfit without Fannie wanting to buy the same. And, sometimes she wishes she could have sleepover parties without having to include Fannie. And, sometimes she wishes she didn't have to take care of her kid sister Fannie. "And, why does she have to have the same hairstyle as me!"

Annie & Fannie are 9" primitive or country raggedy Annie cloth doll ornaments. Their bodies are made of muslin and their raggedy red boots are cross laced. Their faces are embroidered. Their noses are satin stitched red as are their lips. The outline of their mouths is embroidered as are their eyelashes and eyebrows. Both Annie & Fannie have thick, curly dark brown hair along the side seams of their heads with the back left bare. Their cheeks are blushed with a lovely rosy color. Their outfits are identical with frayed and gathered at the waist bloomers. Both of their blue plaid dresses are frayed and gathered at the neck. Their aprons are lace trimmed and lined and wrapped around their waists and ties in the back. Blue embroidery floss bows decorate the fronts of their aprons.

Poor "Big Sister Annie!" Doesn't she know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. "Kid Sister Fannie" just worships and adores her big sister and wants to be just like her. To do everything she does. To be loved by her. "Big Sister Annie & Kid Sister Fannie" would make the cutest pair of ornaments for any primitive and country home.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals



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