Big Brother Andy and Kid Brother Randy Doll Ornaments E-Pattern
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Big Brother Andy and Kid Brother Randy Doll Ornaments E-Pattern

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“Big Brother Andy and Kid Brother Randy”, 9” Primitive Raggedy Andy Boy Ornaments E-Pattern - Raggedy Ornaments Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Big Brother Andy" and his "Kid Brother Randy" come from a large, loving family and as siblings often do get on each others nerves. Now don't get us wrong. "Big Brother Andy" and "Kid Brother Randy"love each other as brothers. It's just that sometimes they act like a bunch of boys do and get on each others nerves. This inevitably leads to wrestling, which leads to fighting and then punching. Playfully, of course! When the gloves start coming out is when their "Big Sister Annie" and "Kid Sister Frannie" intervene. They calm them down and straighten out whatever the problem is so the boys can - well, "be boys." "Kid Brother Randy" wants to be just like his "Big Brother Andy." He dresses just like him. Wears the same clothes. And, even gets the same haircut. Sometimes this bothers "Kid Brother Andy" but, most of the time, he just gives his younger brother a playful shove. He can shove and push his little brother around, but if someone else does that - well, they have "Big Brother Andy" to contend with then.

Andy & Randy are 9" primitive or country raggedy Andy cloth doll ornaments. Their bodies are made of muslin and their raggedy red boots are cross laced. Their faces are embroidered. Their noses are satin stitched red as are their lips. The outline of their mouths is embroidered as are their eyelashes and eyebrows. Both Andy & Randy have thick, straight dark brown hair sticking out of the top of their heads with the sides and back left bare. Their cheeks are blushed with an orange color. Their outfits are identical with frayed shirts gathered at the neck. Both of their blue plaid pants are frayed and gathered at the waist.

Boys will be boys and brothers will be brothers. They might fight a lot between themselves, but are thick as mud. They're steadfast and loyal to the core when it comes to their family even though that might be hard to tell at times from all the fighting. "Boys if you're going to wrestle - take it outside!"

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals



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