Best Dog In Class Granny Esther Victorian Animal Dog E-Pattern

Best Dog In Class Granny Esther Victorian Animal Dog E-Pattern

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“Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther”, 14” Victorian Animal Dog Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Animal Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate 

"Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" takes life one day at a time and wasn't too concerned about getting an invitation to the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" from "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" She knew that eventually it would come, so why get yourself all in a tither until it does? When she was younger she may have worried about such things, but aging has mellowed Granny Esther. She much prefers spending her time reading, watching her Grandchildren, sewing, and just plain enjoying life than worrying about memberships to tea societies. She can understand why "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" set-up their own tea society. She was young once and would of done the same thing. Now, memberships just weren't that important to her. Good health, love of family, love of life. Now those are important issues.

Granny Esther had no doubt that she and her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!" would be invited to join as their families had been at the top of the social circle for generations. They were show dogs after all and had well established pedigree lines. The finest of the fine. In fact, Granny Esther had won "Best Dog In Class!" for so long that she had lost count. And, her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!" had been Father of the Year for so long he had lost count. However, both had aged ever so gracefully and time had been kind to them. For that they were grateful. They were both proud of who they were, proud of their families, proud of their friends. But, they also knew that each and every moment they had together was precious and that there wasn't anything better than a quiet romp in the woods holding each others hand or sitting on the porch enjoying a glass of lemonade. Yes, time had mellowed both "Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" and her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!"

"Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" is a 14" self-standing Victorian dog with a square bottom, brushed felt body and embroidered face. She has black bead eyes, an animal nose, and blushed cheeks. The outline of her mouth is embroidered as are her eyebrows and her granny glasses sit lovingly upon her nose. Her big floppy ears are barely controlled under her lined and matching lace trimmed cap that is adorned with a bow in the front. Granny Esther has 2 layers of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a multiple layered and lace trimmed and gathered slip. Granny Esther just loves her stylish lace trimmed dress with the dog print. It is gathered at the sleeves with gathered lace trim and straight lace trim layers along the bottom hem. The sleeves are also gathered lace trimmed and straight lace trimmed along the sleeve edges and gathered at the wrist. The neck line of the dress is gathered and adorned with two layers of lace trim and a ribbon bow. Her velvet vest is lined, has a fold down collar, is adorned with square buttons and tied with ribbon trim. A wonderful crocheted shawl is wrapped around her shoulders and adorned with a silk floral that Granny Esther just loves.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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