Bernice Me Bunny Handmade Victorian Lady Bunny Art Doll

Bernice Me Bunny Handmade Victorian Lady Bunny Art Doll

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“Bernice Me, Bunny”, 21” Handmade Victorian Bunny Art Doll - Spring Series and Pleasantly Plump Series 

"Bernice Me, Bunny" is pure sunshine. She just loves life, loves everyone, and especially loves the Spring season. It's when she feels the closest to nature and when she gets to wear her most beautiful Victorian dresses. You see, "Bernice Me, Bunny" loves everything and anything Victorian. Especially the bright and sunny Victorian dresses with lots of foo-foo and lace. The brighter the dress and the larger the lace trim - the better. At least according to Bernice. 

"Bernice Me, Bunny" is a 21" Victorian square bottomed warm and natural bodied bunny doll with an embroidered bunny face with black bead eyes and animal nose. Her mouth outline and eyebrows are straight stitched and her cheeks are blushed. Her warm and natural ears are wired with fabric inner ears which are also blushed. Bernice has a layer of wide lace trim along the bottom of her body. Her favorite Spring Victorian dress is gathered at the bodice and neck edge and the sleeves are gathered at the shoulders and wrists. It has two layers of gathered lace trim above the bottom hem edge, along the sleeve hem edges, and along the waistline. Her vest is lined and folded then top stitched along the front edge. Her frilly, gathered bonnet is lined and lace trimmed along the edges. It is tied in a bow under her chin. Slits in her gathered bonnet accommodate her wired large ears. 

"Bernice Me, Bunny" is just the happiest bunny around and hopes that she can convince you that life is wonderful and Spring is the best time of the year.  

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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