Benjamin Scarecrow Handmade Country Wood and Cloth Scarecrow

Benjamin Scarecrow Handmade Country Wood and Cloth Scarecrow

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Benjamin Scarecrow Handmade Country Wood and Cloth Standing Scarecrow Decoration

Benjamin Scarecrow is one of my favorite scarecrows and is a 22" wood and cloth scarecrow. He has a whimsically embroidered face with black bead eyes, a wood and cloth body, wooden legs, and cloth arms. His legs are covered with whimsical leggings and he's wearing socks. His shoes are whimsically lined and padded as is his whimsical hat. His shorts are whimsically cuffed and held up with suspenders. His shirt is whimsically cuffed. He has whimsical under sleeves covering his arms, raffia, ties, button decorations, and a fringed bow. His hair is made of raffia and he has a whimsical amount of raffia decorating him.

It's time for Benjamin Scarecrow. He's our last scarecrow and a whimsical scarecrow to boot. No one can look at Benjamin and not fall in love with his whimsical nature, his whimsical decorations, his whimsical shoes, his whimsical hands, his whimsical legs, his whimsical arms, his whimsical broom, his whimsical hat, his whimsical face, and his whimsical clothes.

He's just whimsically delightful all around. Why even the raffia that abundantly surrounds and decorates him is whimsical. All in all, he's just plain whimsical. You can't help but fall whimsically in love with him. I know I did. 

Designer-Sparkles N Spirit

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