Baby Nicky's Custom Fabric Handmade Tote Bag

Baby Nicky's Custom Fabric Handmade Tote Bag

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Baby Nicky's Custom Fabric Handmade Tote Bag - 13 1/2" by 18" Baby Shower Tote 

I can't decide whether the blue Baby Nicky is more adorable than the pink Baby Nicky? Maybe they're both just too adorable to resist? Since I couldn't decide on one or the other I decided my Baby Nicky Tote Bag should include both. 

Totes are such a fun way to decorate - especially when you have smiling babies heads looking back at you. They make great decorations both for the shower and for use afterwards by the mother-to-be. Or, used by anyone who loves totes - like me. 

Baby Nicky's Tote Bag is an adorable 13 1/2" by 18" tote bag made with squares and rectangles. It is fully lined with white cotton fabric and has pink ribbon handles.Pink and blue ribbons adorn the seams ans combination pink and blue ribbon bows add festive delight. 

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children.

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