Augusta Victorian Lady Art Doll E-Pattern

Augusta Victorian Lady Art Doll E-Pattern

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“Augusta”,13” Victorian "Lady" Art Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Doll Lady Series - 1850 Ball Gown - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

Augusta has been to the ball many, many times and this time she's wearing her favorite red lace ball gown. But, she isn't excited because she's wearing her favorite dress. It's because some of her younger friends Augusta Lilac, Augusta Black, and Augusta Blue are debutantes and attending their 1st debutante ball. They'd been dreaming of this for years and talking about the dress they wanted to wear. So, of course, they all had to have dresses just like Augusta. Augusta's three younger friends are very much alike in their taste in clothing and usually buy the same clothes - albeit in different colors. All three wanted a beautiful dress with a long train. Well, maybe not so long that they couldn't dance, but long enough. They wanted lace and decorations and floral accents in their hair. And, most of all, they wanted their dresses to be alike, but not so alike that everyone would be able to guess. That was their private secret. But, different enough to reflect their own personalities. Just like Augusta.

"Augusta" is a 13" free-standing Victorian doll who wants to be the belle of the ball. She is wearing an 1850 Ball Gown. She has very fancy 2-layer lace covered and lace trimmed dress with long puffed, gathered & ruffled coordinated sleeves and a fancy 2-layer lace covered and lace trimmed lined train. A lace covered and lined coordinated shawl is wrapped around her shoulders. She has a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. She has a coordinated sash around her waist which is tied in a large bow in the back and floral lace and pearl accents on her chest and sleeves.

Augusta is so proud of her younger friends and thinks they look absolutely stunning in their ball gowns. Not beautiful enough however to be the belle of the ball. That honor belongs to Augusta and no one else.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals


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