Apple Susie Handmade Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll

Apple Susie Handmade Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll

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Apple Susie – 26” Handmade Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll 

Apple Susie was the "apple" of her father's eye which is why her name is "Apple Susie." "Apple" from her father's nickname and "Susie" from her maternal grandmother Susie. She is the sweetest of "raggedies" and loves to play with her other "raggedy" friends. She is so sweet that you would be hard pressed to find any other "dollie" that didn't like her. 

Apple Susie is a Raggedy with an embroidered face, button eyes, raggedy red hair, bloomers, two tone dress and red striped boots. She is primitive stained throughout.

Apple Susie can spend the day just having tea with her other "dollie" friends, reading a book, going to the library, or playing with her own "Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy" dolls. They're her favorites and she considers them the "apples" of her eye. Now I wonder why that is?

Please note:  The chair that is pictured is not included.

Designer - Blueberry Barn 

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children.

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